MeetMe is a conference and events management system for the management of participants in meetings, courses and conventions of all kinds!


Reliable Turnstiles connected with iGuard devices for access control and Time Attendance




Choose iGuard, choose a secure and innovative solution. Finally you'll have guaranteed access



RFID technology is increasingly imposing to the market and the researches predict that by 2014, each year, 1000 billion RFID tags will be in circulation.


Time and Attendance System

Here you will find and accurate selection done by Infordata Sistemi, specialized in RFID badge, of the most reliable and best working systems regarding Time Attendance and Recognition. If you want to control the hours of presence of your employees, to know who is present and for how long in a meeting, or just to print RFID or magnetic custom badges you are in the right site!

Don’t matter if you are a big company or a small one, our solutions can be adapted to your requirements. 

We have included a detailed description of each system, software and hardware to let you know which is the solution that better meets your needs. Have a look at all the products on the menu to discover the latest systems developed regarding Time Attendance through biometrics, RFID or magnetic systems.




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